Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wedding Fun

Well it is finally done! Our wedding website is completely finished. I say will always have some changes that I can make! Trevor is even excited about this one. He sat with me today and made up silly questions for the "quiz." He said he was going to come back later and adding more. I just have to say that I am proud of myself! I am not very good with technology, and I feel that I have successfully made this website look good. I'll let someone else be the judge of that though. Check it out here!

Last night I went and stayed with Eli, Isaac, and Marley while my brother surprised Kristen with a birthday get-a-way! Eli ended up spending the night with "Germa" and "Papa" so that I wouldn't have to drag the younger ones out this morning to take Eli to school. Trevor came over, and we made my practically famous, better than Candy Haven chocolate covered strawberries! YUM!

I also have to share some adorable new pictures of Marley! I cannot begin to express how precious she is! She is three months old today and did great while her mommy was away! We played and laughed all night THEN she slept through the night for me!

Aren't these children adorable? I'm not proud or anything! ; )

Besides this, I haven't done much with myself for the past few days. I am enjoying my last two weeks of Christmas break before school begins again!

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