Sunday, January 16, 2011

These are a Few of my Favorite Things...

Okay. I follow another blog called Peanut Butter and Poptarts! It's super cute, and it is basically my "dream blog!" I can only wish that my blog will someday be like hers! So anyways...I am going to go a little bit off of her blog and create a weekly favorites list. Hopefully this will happen every Sunday, but I'm not promising anything! : )

Here are my weekly faves!

Stella & Dot!!! I met a consultant from Stella and Dot a few months ago at one of my craft shows. It is one of those home parties/catalog jewelry companies, except it is so much more fun! It's funky jewelry at a decent price!

Okay this is not just a cupcake! It is a Bake It In A Cake cupcake. There is this awesome website that gives you TONS of recipes for cupcakes with different fillings .The cupcake above is a Banana Pudding Cupcake. Yum!

I am currently reading President G.W. Bush's, Decision Points. AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME BOOK! I liked President Bush before his book and his appearance at UNT, but I am O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with him now!! I've told my family a million times how much I would love to meet him! He such an amazing man and rooted in his faith! I highly suggest you read his book!

And my last favorite for today is:

Okay...we were introduced to this restaurant last summer at North Park Mall. I now crave it on a weekly basis! I get the #9 tacos which for some reason remind me of Asian eggrolls. Anyways, try it. It's good stuff.

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