Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ready to Set up House!!!

A few posts ago I wrote about my design craze that I'm going through right now. Gosh I think I am driving Trevor crazy but I'm loving it! It's been so much fun putting what I have together and figuring out where everything will go. I've also started my list of the essential things we will need to start off. We've registered for tons of stuff and had a blast doing that, but we also have to be practical and think of the things that we will absolutely need to have. While I have been thinking about the essentials, I've also been dreaming about the luxuries. I've created a fun design book that helps me get an idea of what "theme" we want for each room. I still have some textures to add and little extras, but it is really coming together. Trevor even helped me pick out paint swatches for the rooms. His colors are a little more....bright than what I had planned on but I'm just glad he is getting into it too! So I thought I would post a few pictures of my design book! It has a long way to go before it clearly shows my ideas. Of course these are my dream ideas and not all of it will come to fruition any time soon. I'm just enjoying it!! Here are some pictures:

This would be the living room area. We are planning on black, white, gray, and yellow! For some reason, I have always wanted a yellow room! It's so bright and welcoming.

This is the kitchen area which will be black and white with red accents.

And this is the master bedroom with black, white, and teal. Thankfully, Trevor has fallen in love with the idea!

And the master bath will be the same colors: black, white, and teal. "Peacock themed!"

This would be Trevor's office if we were to end up in a two bedroom house or apartment.

And this I already have, but I have to brag on Trevor's Dad and Beth! They got me this for Christmas and I LOVE IT!!! I want to hang it up now, but I guess I'll wait a few more months!!


  1. HEY you need a bed in that office so we can come visit!!

  2. We picked out stuff for a guest bedroom AND we have two beds! We just have to get an apartment/house with more than one bedroom! :) We want visitors!

  3. awww lol, you remind me of me with the design books! your place will be gorgeous! im still working on mine...i can never make up my mind on what i want.

  4. Umm so we need to meet up so I can do this with you! I absolutely loooove decorating!! I need to do something like this for our apartment :)