Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Decorating Craze!

I'm definitely going nuts about interior design right now! As we get closer and closer to the wedding, I am getting more and more excited about having our own place, about not having to drive home late at night every night (although this is mostly Trevor), about decorating my very own home! I'm almost 21 and I have only lived in one home. I'm definitely not complaining! I've enjoyed living with my parents, and I am extremely thankful for never having to live in a dorm! Thank you to my wonderful parents for that!!! : ) I am just excited about having our own place and my own house to decorate.

Recently, someone advised me to create a design book when I was preparing to decorate a new space. I've begun working on that as we have begun to register for the wedding and think about all of the things we will need. I've clipped magazines, searched Pottery Barn, and scoured the internet for ideas. We have decided to go with a black and white theme, which I thought would be somewhat easy. It isn't as easy as I thought...most furniture seems to be made in a dark brown color. No problem! I've found a lot of great things that I like! Here are some of my inspiration photos! : )

I love this bedroom! It's so clean and simple! This room is completely black and white. Our bedroom will not be completely black and white but will have teal as an accent.

This living room is just awesome! I know what you are thinking...this is for your first house? No way! I just love the patterns and furniture! Remember, it's just an inspiration picture! : )

And now for my favorite inspiration for the kitchen! If you know me very well, you know that I LOVE to cook and bake!! I have so much fun! I was ecstatic when I open my KitchenAid Pro for Christmas!! Take a look at this awesome kitchen!! 

I never thought I would like a "country kitchen" but I love this one!! I'm not too terribly fond of the rooster on the counter top, but I do love the black and white checkerboard floors and the red cabinets!

Last year, my mom went to several different Dillard's to find my awesome dishes! When I picked them out they were full price. When my mom to look at them again, they were on clearance for super cheap!! She went to 7 or 8 Dillard's to get me a full set! Isn't she wonderful?!

I love them!!! I can't wait to use them!!!

Okay that's all I have for now! I just had to share my decorating frenzy with someone! : ) Watch out for pictures of my design book soon!

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