Friday, January 21, 2011

Looking at the Bright Side

Let me start by saying how excited I am to become Mrs. Sewell! However, I am not excited about the fact that I will no longer be my mother's dependent. There are many reasons for this, but there is one super humongous big one-I will no longer receive her staff's dependent scholarship at UNT. Womp. Womp. Womp. It provided for about 70% of my total tuition for UNT, which is awesome!! Unfortunately, as of now, I still have a year and a half left of my undergraduate degree leaving me with a year left after Trevor and I get married. This means that Trevor and I will have to pay the school A-WHOLE-HECK-OF-A-LOT more money than I've been paying them for the last three years. Anyways, while Cielo and Rielan run around and entertain Gideon (or maybe it is Gideon running around entertaining Cielo and Rielan), I have been applying for scholarships...many many many many MANY scholarships. So far (and I am not anywhere near done) I have applied for (drum roll please!) 29 scholarships! Whoo! If I was only a business major, I'd be able to apply for A LOT more! But I am not a business major which brings me to my next thing to rant about.

I am an Elementary Education major. I love kids, and I love the idea of having a classroom someday....or I did at some point. Lately, I have been having my doubts. I am reading my books and of course going to class, but I'm feeling less and less excited about being an elementary school teacher. I LOVE my text books, and I'm definitely being intellectually challenged. HOWEVER, I think I would rather be teaching at the high school or college level. I'm kind of split though. When I was ten years old, I knew that without a doubt God wanted me to persue Deaf Education. I still plan to do that. I'm going to get my masters in Deaf Ed at TWU. I also think I want to get my high school certification and another masters in education administration. Gosh this kind of stresses me out. I don't know. As I read one of my textbooks about collaboration and group work, I was thinking about all of these fun projects that my students could do....high school students. I told Trevor this yesterday. I feel like the work load would be heavier for elementary and the intellectual level would be lower; whereas, highschool the work load would be lighter and the intellectual level would higher. I would much prefer a higher intellectual challenge!! Anyways...time for the bright side of things!

1. Thanks to my mom's job, I have saved over $30,000 with her dependent scholarship at UNT.
2. I have not had to take out a single loan for my college eduaction. Thanks to my grandmother and for my parents for making me work for my education!
3. The Lord has blessed Trevor and I to the point that I will be able to stay here and finish my degree, and chances are he might be here for the whole time!
4. No matter what I decide in the end, I'm blessed beyond belief and will love whatever job I have!
5. I am marrying an amazing man (IN FOUR MONTHS) who loves me even when I'm wrong or when I change my mind a thousand times.

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