Saturday, December 10, 2011

How About An Update?!

Luckily, this semester is almost over, and I will possibly update more often.

On a positive note: This semester has been amazing, and I have grown SO much as a pre-service teacher! I have never worked harder for anything in my life!! I also have not seen God move so much in my life. He has brought amazing friends and teachers into my life to support and pour into me. He has also showed me exactly what he wants from me! I am so excited to enter the Deaf Ed/Special Ed world soon!!!

Here are some of our Christmas pictures (that I have yet to turn into Christmas cards! ha!):


Love that swing! :)

Those dimples make me smile!

Mistletoe! ;)

In the words of JZP: "Fierce!"

Ahhh that wedding band!!!

A truly sweet moment!

Laughter fills our home daily! I'm so glad Jillian captured this moment!

Visit her website to see more of her pictures OR like her Jillian Zamora Photography facebook page!