Monday, May 23, 2011

One Proud Fiance

We have had quite a busy weekend! Yesterday (May 21, 2011), Trevor commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. I've been pretty emotional about the whole event and ceremony for several weeks leading up to it. Though Trevor and I are about to embark on God's calling for us to be man and wife later this week, Trevor's commissioning is also a big start to our life together. We are now going from the Enlisted side of the Marine Corps to the Commissioned side of the Marine Corps. (I say "we", but I also must say that Trevor enlisted two years before we even started dating let alone began to think about marriage). Anyways, this new side of the USMC can be very different. We are both very excited for the journey together and know that God has so much in store for us! We now begin to watch the clock tick as we wait for December and TBS. Then it will be off to flight school where we will pray and prepare for Trevor to fly F18s. I can't wait for the journey, but I was still emotional for the ceremony. I am so proud of everything he has done and accomplished! I can't wait for him to live out what God has called him to do. This journey will not be easy, but quite simply, with the Lord on our side we have absolutely nothing to fear! Here are some pictures from the big day! Some are professional and some are my own! :)

I just love this picture! I am so proud of this man and cannot wait to be his wife!!
This is Trevor's Dad and Step-Mom! I love the picture because you get a lot of the flag as well as the F18. :)

Here are some pictures from the actual ceremony:

A group of Trevor's Co-Workers from MALS-41 who came to attend the ceremony! Trevor and I both really appreciated that they came!

Reading off the was difficult to hear.

Definitely didn't hear any of this.

Trevor's bars being pinned on by his Dad and Mom.

Right before Trevor's first salute from Cpl. Luke Hatton.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the salute, but I really like this picture with Trevor giving Luke his silver dollar.

Following the ceremony (P.S. He is so handsome!)

Trevor saying a few thank you's....I was getting a little frustrated because I thought he was going to leave me out....hehe-my silly emotions! I know Trevor so much better than that!

He surprised me with flowers. (The tears are filling my eyes and chin is beginning to quiver in this one!)

Oh just full on tears! He does so much and yet he continues to thank me, bless me, and love me! He truly is an amazing example of Jesus' unconditional love for us! We aren't perfect, but I really love that Treor shows his unconditional love for me on a daily basis!

Trevor, I cannot begin to explain how much you mean to me! You have pushed me to succeed, stretched me beyond my comfort zone, built up my self-confidence, loved me unconditionally, forgiven me an innumerous amount of times, given in to my smile, made me your priority, and showed me what it means to love someone with all your heart and being. I am so proud of you for everything you have done. I was so proud to watch your bars being pinned on yesterday, and I was honored to stand beside you as your future wife. Know that I will do my best to always support your decisions, love you unconditionally, forgive your wrongs, encourage you when times get tough, and stand by your side through the storm. I love you!

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