Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting Excited!

I was going to say we only have 12 days left, but it's 1 a.m. and we have ELEVEN days left until the wedding! I am getting so excited! I was kind of over it and ready for it to be here...I still am ready for it to be here, but I am excited about everything that is going on and everything Trevor and I are planning for the big day. Tonight we made several last minute big decisions and I cannot wait to play them out! : ) Of course, the actual decisions are not going to be shared, but we finally decided (for the final time) what we are going to do for favors! I am so excited about them! We just have to get everything ordered and ready!

A few days ago we had our second cake tasting with Candy Haven here in Denton. I have never been a fan of Candy Haven and never chosen them on my own, but I am very excited with what we have planned for the wedding and what they have presented us with. We had two tastings-one at The Milestone and one AT Candy Haven. The one at Candy Haven was so much better!! Look at this display of goodies:

We even got a few chocolate covered strawberries...they weren't as good as mine! ; )

We are just so excited for the big day and all the things that come along with it! Tonight we went on a we-are-getting-married-in-twelve-days date! It was so awesome!! And we absolutely love Abuelo's! I'm so excited to marry this man:
He is always so patient with me when I am upset, overly joyed, or moody about something!! He's even sat in silence for over an hour just to let me have my time. He is absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to marry him!
We were completely suprised this week with an amazing gift from Trevor's Dad's Boss-our knife set!!! We were so shocked and overwhelmed with gratitude! Thank you so much, Vish (even though he will never read this because I've never even met the man)!!!
Please ignore my extremely red face and my sunken in eyes...I look like a burnt skelleton!! Haha!

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