Sunday, May 8, 2011

These are a Few of my Favorite Things...Mother's Day

I'm pretty sad this Mother's Day because my mom is at a conference in Nashville, TN and we don't get to spend the day together. My mom has been the most amazing mother anyone could ever ask for. Seriously! She has stood by me no matter what. She's laughed with me, cried with me, wiped away many many tears, supported me, prayed for me, spent too much money on me, and loved me. She has been an inspiration to me for the last twenty one years and there is no better role model I could have!

It scares me to imagine what life would be like without her! (Gosh and now I'm tearing up! SEE!) I can hardly imagine moving across the country, but I know that she will continue to love me, support me, and pray for me no matter where I am! I also know she'll come to visit OFTEN (okay, Mom?!)! Anyways, she is the most amazing mom in the entire world, and I cannot thank the Lord enough for her!

So especially today, the very first thing on my favorites list has to be my beautiful Mommy!!! I love you so much!!!
Gosh, she is so pretty!!

Thinking about it, I'm interested to see if we have a lot of similar characteristics! Haha! Here is a picture of my mom (pretty close to my age I think):
Similarities?! Possibly!

Matching pairs! I just love this woman so very much! I also love that her fashion has improved since the 90s! :P

Anyways, I love you so much, Mom! Happy Mother's Day! I cannot wait for you to get home so we can have a wonderful Mommy/Daughter Date!
Mom and I will be having a wonderful date at one of our very favorite restaurants: The Grand Lux!!

Yum! The food at The Lux is so incredible!! I can't wait for dinner and shopping!!

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