Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Beginnings of Our New House!!!

Guess what!!!! We have the keys to our new house!!! Wow! It was so cool when they handed us the keys! Of course, we have A LOT to do before we actually move in, but we are beginning the process! Look how excited we are:
I've been debating back and forth on if I would post pictures before we got all of our stuff in there or not. I've decided, that since my mom is out of town and I can't show her the pictures, I AM going to post the pictures because she can get on and see them! :) So here goes!

That black thing doesn't actually belong there! Like I said, there is still a lot of renovation going on within the house! Anyways...this is the outside of the house!

From the front door, you walk into the living room and dining area. This is kind of a strange picture so here's another picture from the other direction:

One of our projects for this summer will be refinishing a beautiful oak table from my parents as well as chairs from Grandma and Papaw Sewell! :) area...this place is difficult to take pictures of!

Like I said...taking pictures of this place is difficult. This is one view of the kitchen...

Breakfast Nook Area!
Well this is just a terrible picture, but it is part of the master bedroom! I'm quite concerned about the closet space, but I'm creative! :) I'll figure it out!
Part of the bathroom which is currently in renovation! These are the new sinks! There was only one before so we are very greatful for this renovation project!!!

And everyone knows it is almost impossible to get pictures of the smaller here is the bed! Haha! This is where guests will sleep, our office area will be, AND where Megan will be when she moves in with me when Trevor leaves for TBS.

And the very spacious backyard with the absolutely PRECIOUS wooden swing!! I can't wait to have the boys come over and play!! Trevor's already imagining a patio area and grill! :)

We cannot wait to begin our journey together as well as set up our new home! It has been so much fun preparing for this time and we are looking forward to moving into the house in a few short weeks!!

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