Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So...I'm done with school. I have to take a finished test upto UNT at 8 a.m. tomorrow (why am I still up?!) and then I am completely done. I'm officially a senior in college and will make the Dean's List again!

Why am I so sad though? Today has been so rough on me..I'm not really sure why! Have you ever felt like you sat back and watched your life change? Like not change for the better  ...but maybe for the better. Have you ever sat back and seen something huge change your life forever. Now, what if you didn't sit back and watch it change your life?! What if you got up and did something about it?! Would it make matters worse?! Or just a little more difficult for awhile?! I honestly don't know. Tomorrow I'll probably read this and think I'm nuts! However, right now it makes complete sense. I'm sitting back and watching my life change drastically...I can't really do anything about it unless I plan to make matters worse. So there is Option A-keep things the same and my life changes forever, Option B-change what is happening but make life worse, or Option C-change everything and lose everything.

What if you just got up, put on some new shoes, and walked with the change?! What would happen then? I honestly have no's really all a matter of figuring out God's plan for me, but no matter what-it's okay to have a new pair of shoes to walk in...

I'm thinking:


: ) Sometimes shoes just make you feel better about life! Haha! 

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