Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Bwessed Awangement of Mawiage

We are MARRIED!!! It is so crazy to look back and think about how slow time seemed to pass and how time actually flew by! We were standing on stage at the ceremony when we both realized that it was actually here!! It was such a beautiful ceremony!! It was seriously a fairy tale dream come true! I am so blessed to have the support of my family, friends, and Trevor!! We really couldn't have done all of it without them! :) The week of the wedding was pretty relaxed! Mom and I went shopping on Monday and had a blast!! We spent Tuesday and Wednesday tying up loose ends and making sure we were ready for Friday. Thursday with the help of Beth (Trevor's step-mom), Grandma Sewell, Mom, Paula, Meleena, and Brenna, we finished all of the favors--cupcakes in a jar! Mmmmm they were so good!! Here are some pictures:

After approximately 26 batches of homemade icing and approximately 20 batches of cupcakes, these are some of our final products! :) We made double chocolate fudge, strawberry, vanilla, lemon, and red velvet cupcakes! They were so tasty and a big hit!

After making hundreds upon hundreds of these favors, we got pedicures and manicures! :)

After manicures and pedicures, we rushed home to get ready for Eli's kindergarden graduatrion along with our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner!! I seriously cannot believe that Eli has already completed kindergarden! I was teary eyed throughout the whole program. He has grown and progressed so much this year! Mrs. Wallace has done an excellent job with him! He has come out of his little shell, has made friends, and learned a lot! Congratulations, Eli! Aunt Kiffidy loves you so very much!

We had our rehearsal immediately following Eli's graduation! I was a little embarrassed because I hadn't eaten and got a bit grippey with people! hehe! Oops! It was a lot of fun and dinner (when the time finally arrived) was magnificent!! Thank you, Kenneth and Beth, for dinner!

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