Friday, June 17, 2011

Our Humble Home

I've been debating putting up pictures of our partially decorated house or not. The fact is that we are both just so happy with how it is coming along! Some of the improvements have made all the difference to us! We are so excited about our first little home! Here are some pictures:

This is our master bedroom! We LOVE our bed spread given to us by my grandma, Arlita, and her husband, Irwin! The baskets underneath our side tables are going to be painted at some point to match the bedspread.

This is our little dining room area! : ) The table is going to be refinished this summer and is a gift from my parents! The chairs are a gift from Gramma and Papaw Sewell. Originally we were going to paint them black, but we are falling in love with this color! The bare wall behind the table is my next project!! I'll be sure to put new pictures up when I finish it!

This is our little book nook! It doesn't even hold all of my books so we are going to have to do something else here! I love the clock from my grandma "Susie" and the bow-quet from Meleena!

This is what you see coming into our kitchen! The island is from my wonderful in-laws, Kenneth and Beth!

Kenneth, Beth, Gramma, and Papaw surprised me with a freshly painted kitchen when we got home from our honeymoon! Prior to this, the walls were a brown/maroon color with peach accenting.

New double vanity in the bathroom!

I really love our shower curtain and accessories!

Living room area! These aren't our couches! We will be getting Love Sac sactionals soon, so these are temporary! :) The lamps are from my Grandma "Susie!" Trevor is threatening to fill them with strange things (peanut butter and jelly, m&ms, random things, etc)

And this is the other side of the living room!! I absolutely LOVE the chest of drawers! :) And the candles to the right are our unity candles from our wedding! :)

This is what we have done thus far! I will update again as we update the house!

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