Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wedding Day Candids

Yes, I am posting during the Mavs game! I just can't take the constant heart attack! I thought I would post a few of the wedding candids that we have received so far...I'm dying to see Jillian's pictures, but I am willing to wait! It was such an amazing and beautiful day! Here are some of the candids! :)

Little Miss Marley in the wagon made by Monica! :) Sophie was also a honorary flower girl! I'm hoping someone has a picture of them both in the wagon!

Ryley is just so precious and she looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Silly ring bearers-Eli and Isaac! Eli carried our rings down the aisle and Isaac carried my Grandpa Hallam's Swahili Bible given to me before he died.

The stain glass window always leaves me speechless! :) My wonderful friends, Kim and Carly, did all of our flowers, and I made our unity candle!

My beautiful best friends-Chelsea (left) and Meleena (right) pre wedding.

My dad performed our ceremony along with Rev. Mark Caswell! My dad wrote a special wedding ceremony for my brother and I. It had us all in tears!

Trevor's Marine buddies from MALS-41 were our honor guard for leaving the ceremony and coming into the reception.
At the reception, my sweet Delta Gamma sisters surprised me with this! They sang to me and then to Trevor and me! :) Trevor's a DG man! It was such a special moment for me!

The toasts were absolutely amazing! Nathan (Trevor's brother and best man) did a wondeful job! It was very touching! Meleena (my maid of honor) and Kenneth (Trevor's Dad) also toasted us!!

Most people didn't get to see us cut the cake...(Eli and Isaac did! They were dying for a piece of cake.) I am not was not a Candy Haven fan, but they did an awesome job on our cakes! The wedding cake was strawberry with strawberry filling, white chocolate cake with raspberry filling, butter rum with rasberry filling, and again strawberry with strawberry filling. Trevor's groom's cake was the best marble cake with butter cream filling and chocolate icing that I have EVER had! Kudos to Candy Haven!

THIS picture IS a professional picture and is not a candid shot! Jillian Zamora took this picture! We were so surprised and blessed by Frenchy's generosity to put us on one of his vans! :) It was a lot of fun to go out and take pictures with it! It was an honor-thank you, Frenchy!

So there are some of the pictures! :) I cannot wait to get my hands on Jillian's pictures as well as Justin Lowe's video! I know they are going to be awesome!! And trust me, I will share those pictures as well! Before I end this post, I would just like to say thank you to all of my friends and family who were such a big part of our day! We truly appreciate everyone's help! I am especially greatful to my sweet Mother who was probably definitely a lot more stressed out than me! Thank you for loving me and making sure that my dreams and big day went just as I wanted it! I love you! Thank you, Dad, for your stress and hard work! Thank you for blessing us with the beautiful ceremony that you planned out! We know that there will never be another wedding like it! :) Thank you Ben and Kristen for all of your support through this process! I have THE BEST brother and sister-in-law anyone could ask for! Kristen came to all of my showers and events, helped with wedding prep, nagged Benji to get his suite, got Marley, Eli, and Isaac's adorablel outfits, and so much more! I love you both! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Song of Solomon 3:4
I have found the one my heart loves!

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