Friday, February 11, 2011

Thinking of Summer!

I cannot wait for summer to be here! Not only are we getting married this summer, but I just adore summer!! I'm ready for a swimming pool, a cute swim suit, and a cool breeze! Yes, I know we have a few more months before summer gets here, but it's exciting to know all of the things that will be happening this summer! Here are some of our upcoming events:

1. I turn twenty one!
2. We are getting MARRIED!
3. Honeymoon=complete and total relaxation!
3. Heidi and Jason are getting married, and I cannot wait for their wedding!
4. Well, I cannot continue to list the weddings that I am excited about! I would have at least 11 more to list!
5. Summer School! Most people would not add this to their list of exciting things to do this summer, but it just means I am one step closer to being done! I also know that I will have classes with some great friends!!
6. Vacations! I'm excited to do some more traveling this summer and see family!!
7. The possibility of moving somewhere new is exciting!!
8. Swimsuits. I'm so ready for swim suits!!
9. I'm also excited that my new job will not require me to work 9-10 hours a day wasting away my summer time!! This year I'm going to actually be able to do fun things!!!

Here is what currently has locked my mind on summer!!

Dear Oscar de la Renta, good job!

Summer, come fast please!!

Keep watching: tomorrow we are going to go get my wedding dress!! All of my fabulous bridesmaids are coming along with some of my family! Oh and I cannot forget that the amazing Jillian Zamora is coming!! Can't wait!! 

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