Sunday, April 3, 2011

These are a Few of my Favorite Things...

Happy Sunday everyone!! It was such a beautiful day today!! I am loving this weather we are having!! I'm praying that it will stick around for several more months! : ) So this week we were so busy with school that the week just flew by! Yesterday we went to my nephew, Eli's soccer game! I am so proud of that kid! He has really stepped out of his shell and has gotten extremely competitive! I love seeing him right in the middle of a bunch of kids trying to get the soccer ball or looking our way to make sure we are paying attention! How could we not?! I mean, look at this kid! Isn't he cute?!

I did look away for a few minutes to get a picture of this little drop of sunshine!! I am one proud Aunty Kiffidy! I truly do not know how I could love them all more!!

Anyways! Without further delay, here are my favorite things for this week!!

My first is something that I just learned about at lunch today! I adore reading! What I love even more is Christian books! They are so encouraging! Today I learned about a girl named Akiane. Her family were athiests and she was completely secluded from the world. All she knew was the athiest lifestyle. When she was very young, she began having extravagant dreams about Jesus, heaven, and a life with Our Lord. She says that God taught her how to paint and she began painting the pictures that she saw in her dreams. Her paintings are gorgeous, but I was covered in goosebumps when I saw her painting of Jesus! Absolutely amazing!! Here is her book:

I will be adding this book to my nightstand this week! I cannot wait to read it! Needless to say, Akiane and her family now are Christians! Here is a picture of her painting of Jesus:

To find out more about Akiane or to get her book or copies of her paintings, click here.

Of course, I have to have something on here about food! There is just no way of avoiding it! :) This week on the favorites is Crooked Crust Pizza.  I haven't had Crooked Crust in awhile, but I am definitely craving it today! Crooked Crust is located in Denton on Fry Street, though they have other locations. You can get pretty much ANYTHING on your pizza and you can order a quarter of a pizza (2 slices). Let me clarify--you can customize two pieces of pizza. They will prepare it and cook two slices of pizza. It is awesome! I love the spinach, pesto, artichoke, and chicken pizza. I love the mix of the spinach and artichoke together as well as the texture of the pesto! (Sounds like I'm hungry, huh?) The last time we were there, Trevor added ricotta cheese to his pizza, and I must say that it completely changed and complimented his pizza! You should definitely try it sometime! :)

And my last favorite for this week is quite simply something that I stumbled upon while I was bored, but I now love it!! This is the brand new spring Juicy Daydreamer Bag!!! Quite simply-I love it and want it! :P Too blunt? Maybe!

Isn't it awesome?!?! Yes, yes, I know! It is so perfect for Spring and my upcoming birthday (May 2nd-hint hint!)!! Yes, my birthday is coming up and I will be twenty-one! Yes, I agree-it is perfect for my birthday! :) Here's the link if you'd like to get a closer look...or whatever :) Click here.
Anyways, enought digging! :) I hope everyone enjoyed this weeks favorites! I hope your week is absolutely fabulous!!

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