Monday, April 11, 2011

Just. Too. Tired.

So here were my goals for this blog in the last few days/last week:

1. Write about the amazing sermon that was delivered on Sunday!
2. Rant about my melt down and how the Lord is working through my struggles.
3. Share about our TWO showers this past weekend-Saturday and Sunday.
4. Write a new favorite things list.

Here is what I have instead:

1. I promise to write about the absolutely, amazing and convicting sermon!
2. I'm going to skip over my melt down, because I'm over it and the sermon is so much better!
3. I AM going to share about our showers, because we are extremely blessed and the weekend was amazing!
4. I'll make sure to have an awesome favorite things list for next week! :)

Guess who has not:

-written thank you notes! Yep. Me!
-organized the many many gifts we received. Uh huh. Me!
-finished my to-do list from last week. Well, I said "my" so I pretty much gave you that one! ME!
-watched Extreme Couponing yet! You're catching's me again!
-booked our honeymoon hotels. AH! I got you! That one is Trevor! :) Hehe I'll add a reminder to remind him to make reservations to last weeks to-do list!

Until I get more sleep!

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