Tuesday, March 22, 2011

These are a Few of my Favorite Things...

Welp. I'm a day late and a dollar short. I don't have a whole lot of favorites for this week, but I do have an addition to my weekly favorite things! Starting next week, I will be adding The Crazy Things That Trevor Says to the weekly favorites! :)

My favorite thing of the week is Twisted Root!!! Yum!! I am VERY picky with burgers and most of the time I get turkey burgers. Trevor and I visted their Keller location last week and it was the best turkey burger I have ever had! They also have great french fries! You've got to try this place! Click on the picture to go to the Twisted Root website.

Last night was my first night back to school! I was a little concerned that I would go back and it would feel like the semester was never going to end. However, last night really put this half of the semester into perspective! We are almost there! Really, some of my professors are starting to gear down for the semester. Some are preparing for the final project of the semester which makes me really happy! I'm so glad that it is going by so fast!
The good news is that I found out that I will be placed in Denton ISD for my final year of school!! Originally, I really wanted to be in Frisco ISD, but I am beyond excited to be in my home district! Denton is so wonderful and I'm excited to learn new things and meet my teachers and my students! :) 

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