Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spoiled to the Core!

Can I say how much I am loving this Spring Break?! I have had so much fun so far!! Monday I spent most of the day with my sweet fiance who spoiled me with my new Silhouette Machine, sushi, and cupcakes!! Tuesday my mom and I drove ALL over the metroplex!! We went from Denton to Dallas, Dallas to Mesquite to Balch Springs, Balch Springs to Plano, Plano to Frisco, and Frisco to Denton! We did some wholesale wedding shopping, jewelry shopping, regular shopping, eating MORE cupcakes, AND Mom got her ears pierced!!! Here's a pic to prove it!!
She's been promising and I have been bugging for over a year now! She finally broke down yesterday and did it! She wants to wear pretty earrings for the wedding to go with her B-E-A-UTIFUL dress!! :)

Today, mom and I had lunch with my wonderful Aunt Kelly at Mimi's Cafe! Mmmm it was delicious!! My sweet aunt has been so good to me over the years! She gives great advice and will always put a smile on your face! After lunch mom and I went to Grapevine and Highland Village to do--you guessed it--more shopping!! :) We got a few more things for the wedding and found some great new Easter clothes and spring accessories!! We came home for dinner, house hunting, and diy projects! Mom and I finished the unity candles for the wedding and they are absolutely gorgeous!! Rather than paying $50-$100 for a unity candle at a bridal boutique, I decided to add my own sparkle to our unity candle!! They are still sitting on the fireplace so I can admire them for awhile! :)

My iphone officially broke down today....I can't see a thing on my screen. I'm going to see if they will fix it tomorrow, but it looks like I may have to get a new iphone 5 rumored to be released in June. Until then, I'll probably be going back to the very first generation iphone!! Whoo! Why waste the extra money when I can get a brand new iphone in a few months!? I may have to break down and get an ipad 2 as well!!

So as the title suggests, I'm a little spoiled and loving this week for the great things that are happening! No, my iphone falling apart isn't great but I love that I got to spend a whole day with my favorite guy and two whole days with my mom!!! I even got some cute new clothes and accessories!!

What will I do tomorrow?! Let's see. Try to fix my phone so I can hold out until June or July, make a trip to Lowe's for my first project with my new Silhouette Machine, check TJ Max for one of these awesome party accessories::

These Opulent Treasures creations are AMAZING and I'm pretty sure (being the hostess that I like to be) I need these!! :) I found one at Home Goods today, but it wasn't the right color. Anyways, aren't they fun?! I'm going to see if the Denton TJ Max has any!! I'm also going to start on my next project, stamp wedding invitations, make Easter bows, clean, and finish some presents for my wonderful friend, Meleena!!

I hope everyone is having as great of a Spring Break as I am!! :)

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