Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Where I'm From Poem

For my Literacy Methods course, we were asked to create a Where I'm From poem (original idea was from George Ella Lyon-who we got to see a few weeks ago). Let me just tell you, I do NOT like poetry! I am not good at writing poetry and I do not prefer to read poetry. HOWEVER, I really enjoyed this writing process and the results of this poem, thus why I am sharing it with all of you!

Where I'm From

I am from ten years of test tubes and Mama's answered prayer
Iam from beautiful blonde curls and zerburts, giggles, and big cheek smiles
I am from white picket fences and "supper's on the table"
I am from elaborate Easter gowns and bows as big as my head
I am from Daddy's at the pulpit and we're sleepin' in the pews

I am from Monday McDonald's and Saturday morning donuts
I am from basketball game side lines and Friday night lights
I am from extravagant Sunday dinners and an extended family of concregants
I am from “belly buttons and butterflies”
I am from Grandpa's pennies and Grandma's chewing gum
I am from Daddy's little girl knowls who's in charge
I am from short sheeted beds and stolen toys
I am from "Our Father in Heaven, Hallowed by Thy Name"
I am from Lone Star summers and Cowboys on Thanksgiving
I am from bluebonnet photography and hummingbird feeders
I am from sweatin' bullets - "but it is a dry heat"
I am from America by birth but Texas by the grace of God

I am from oversized portions and Mama's weekly feasts
I am from late night snacks and after school meals
I am from Daddy says I'm beautiful but people's looks don't lie
I am from images in the mirror of an overweight teenage girl
I am from images in the mirror of an overweight teenage girl
I am from counting the numbers on a scale, praying they are in the right order
I am from running water to hide the sound - it doesn't taste as good the second time around
I am from wiping tears and hiding the evidence
I am from looks aren't everything but it's not always that easy
I am from a broken heart and a hospital bed
I am from "you had me at get lost" --ummmm, let's just be friends
I am from Easter Sunday kisses and dead battery delieveries
I am from Yogurt Story breakups and yep, it's a sign
I am from P.S. I Love You ending fifteen times
I am from counting the days and handwritten letters
I am from crumbly cookies and "You must be Tiffany Joy!"
I am from Marine Corps birthdays and ball gown dresses
I am from "let me see your ring" to sparklers at the getaway
I am from living evily hafter apper with my personal Prandsome Hince

I am from where I've been, but nowhere near the end -- riding into the sunset with my very best friend

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  1. Great "Poem" ... thanks for sharing. I love to catch up on what you are doing!