Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What's up with the Sewell's!?

Things have been absolutely crazy around our house lately!! Trevor is somewhat shifting gears and preparing for flight school. He's begun to read the books and try to get ahead of the game. I'm so excited for the adventure about to begin. I have a feeling I will have a difficult time adjusting, but this is the Lord's will and He never leaves us!

Trevor has also begun working for my brother, Ben! This is somewhat of a shift since he was working nights for Party Animals. HOWEVER, because of the horrible allergies that he has this time of the year, he is beginning to do real estate recruitment for my brother! I'm excited for this opportunity for him and thrilled that they get along so well!

My focus right now is ONLY ONLY ONLY on school. I am in my school two days a week (which I love! I often miss my kids when I'm not there!) and I am at UNT the other two days. I've been subbing on Fridays or working on lesson plans and projects. Truly, if I can survive this year and my first year of teaching, I'm pretty sure I can handle anything!

I haven't been working on any crafts lately simply because I have been so incredibly busy, however, here are a few of the projects to come! :)

Since I'm in the mindset of my classroom, we'll start with this one! Who knows what classroom I'll be in, where it will be, or when it will be, BUT I absolutely must make this and it must be displayed there!
Eli and Isaac made works of art that were vary similar for their playroom! They really enjoyed it so I may have them help me with this! I'd love to have two or three of these! :)

I'm also wanting to make a couple headband holders because I have SO many headbands and bows! I'll probably do somehting similar to this with a teal motif similar to our bathroom style.

I am in major need of a cookbook! I haven't decided if I'm going to make one similar to this like I did for my mom a few Christmas's ago or if I'll create a book on shutterfly. Because I am trying a lot of recipes often, I may start out with something like this and work my way up to printed books!

I also have a few big painting projects coming (baskets, table, chairs, and a console table), but that's probably going to be saved for Thanksgiving or Christmas break.

I also have another wreath planned but I'm keeping this one a secret!

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