Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Yess yess! Stressed spelled backwards is me, I've been eating my fair share of chocolate covered strawberries lately!

I have so enjoyed my first semester of student teaching/observation!! I LOVED the teachers I was with and am sad to see the end (don't get me wrong, the light at the end of the tunnel is a beautiful thing)!! I've spent the last 8 weeks at Cross Oaks Elementary. My teacher friends there warned me that I would fall in love with it! Guess what?! I did! Today I practically gave myself an ulcer at the thought of never seeing those teachers, friends, and students again. Luckily, I know that won't happen.

A few minutes ago, I turned in my preferences for next semester. Oh my was this stressful! How do you say no to some teachers and yes to others?! What happens if some how you end up with all of the teachers that you marked as no?! That would S-U-C-K! But I have to remember that I will learn no matter where I am, who I'm with, and whether the teacher is effective or not. God has me in His hands and is in control of my life. He knows my potential. He knows where is best for me. I have to continue to trust in His Will and rejoice in His truth! I know that He is my Provider!

Now, I will continue to pray that I will end up with the two teachers that I feel will best continue my education and support me along this journey. I have to pray that I will be placed in the school where I have the potential of getting hired! It is all in Your Will, oh Lord!

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