Friday, September 2, 2011

Looking to the Future!

In nine months, I will be graduating from the University of North Texas with a degree in Early Childhood through 6th grade education. I've known since kindergarten (or earlier) that I wanted to be a teacher just like my favorite kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Nicholas! When I was ten years old, God called me to Deaf Education. Though I have run away from His ultimate plan several times, He always brings me back to His will for my life.

At the moment, my plan (and the Lord's plan as I believe it to be) is to graduate from UNT and go straight into my masters through a distance learning program at TWU for Deaf Education. As I've been doing my student teaching, I've been thinking about how excited I am to get into my own classroom (I haven't always felt this way)! Trevor has mentioned a Christian K-12 school in Pensacola a few times to me, but this last time it really stuck in my head. Today I got online and looked at the school. Not only do they follow the same program that I was taught with at Liberty Christian, but the creators of the program are the founders of the school! I'm just getting more excited about the idea!

The thought of being a school environment surrounded by other Christians is so uplifting and exciting to me! I've decided to go ahead and begin the process of preparing a portfolio and resume full of recommendation letters!! It's time to begin praying for this job as well! AND praying for the possible children that I may be responsible for eleven months from now!

Please join me as I seek the Lord for direction in this adventure! I'm so excited at the possibility of working at Pensacola Christian! It is Your Will, O God!

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